How to Improve the Privacy of your Mobile Phone Number

There have been a lot of issues with regard to prank calls and texts in the past few years. Since more and more people are having troubles with prank calls and texts, authorities are starting to question the privacy offered by mobile phones, which is considered as a private gadget. Basically, anyone can send a message to your phone even if they just accidentally typed your number. Some people say that this is clearly a breach of your privacy, but mobile service providers will not be blamed for this.If you happen to receive prank calls and texts, would you also blame your service providers? The best thing to do is to just look for a way to stop them from what they are doing or try to improve your security by following these simple tips.

Don’t Use your Phone Number on Any Registrations Online or Offline

Usually, people use their own phone numbers to register online or offline. You don’t have to do that.
You can always use a dummy phone number or get a new one and use them for registration purposes.
Always remember that when you are doing some registrations and you use your own phone number, they are being exposed to a lot of people and there is a big chance that they will become a prank caller in the future.

If you are applying for a job or you need your personal phone number for very important matters, then it will only be the time that you will use it. You should care more about your privacy because the job of your mobile service providers is to guard your personal information in their database.

Give your Numbers to People you Knew

If you don’t know someone, don’t just give your phone numbers just because they asked for it. Whether you are a guy or a woman, you should not give your personal numbers to anyone else. It is better if you will get to know them first before you give it to them. Also, it is better if your friends and family members are the only ones who knew your number. This is a better way of improving your security. However, it doesn’t mean that you should never give your number to anyone. If there is a need to do it, don’t hesitate. You can always leave an exception when you are giving your phone number.

Register on the Do Not Call List

Some people say that registering on this list will only expose your numbers, but it is a great protection from telemarketers. If you don’t want them to call you, you should register your number here. If they still insist and called you multiple times, you can file a case against them because they are breaking the rules with regard to the Do Not Call List.

As you can see, the privacy in your mobile phone also depends on how you give out your phone numbers. You should learn to protect it and always assess if you need to give your personal number or not.